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Here you can find a list of every game I've made since 2016. Most of these games were made for competitively ranked game jams. They are sorted by most recent below.

Almost all of my games are uploaded on itch.io as well, so give me a follow there if you fancy! You'll be notified whenever I post a new game.

Promotion Thumbnail for Attack of the Goo - a fast paced game about fighting slimes!

attack of the goo

released 21 february 2021

Attack of the Goo is a tower defense game where you defend yourself from slimes with the help of mysterious forcefields.

This game was created for Brackey's Game Jam 2021.1.

Screenshot of Lost In Cyberspace


released 26 september 2020

L0ST_!N_CYBER$PACE is a tower defense game where you have to keep yourself alive trapped in cyberspace.

L0ST_!N_CYBER$PACE was an entry for PyWeek 30.

Time is On My Side - Promotion Thumbnail

time is on my side

released 8 august 2020

Time is On My Side is a Shoot 'em Up Game where you can rewind the game and possibly make better decisions. How far can you get? How many points can you get?

Time is On My Side was made for Brackey's Game Jam 2020.2

Gameplay screenshot of Help Wanted Gameplay

help wanted

released 20 july 2020

Help Wanted is a game about running a Grocery store during the Corona virus. Achieve certain Cash Goals to continue to the next level.

Help Wanted was an entry for Geta Game Jam 12

Thumbnail for Calm Waters - a relaxing game about moving a boat through a pond

calm waters

released 29 march 2020

Calm Waters is a calming puzzle game where you move a boat around a maze by creating ripples that push the boat. With soothing ambient background music and simple, relaxing game play, it's the ultimate stress reliever! As you progress, you are matched with new obstacles and puzzles to complete.

This game was an entry for PyWeek #29.

The Infinite Tower - Promotion Thumbnail

the infinite tower

released 28 september 2019

Ever wanted to see what it's like to climb up a tower, for eternity? In the Infinite Tower, you can do just that and more! Fight enemies on each floor, collect gold and upgrades, and see how far you can ascend the tower before you die.

The Infinite Tower was an entry for PyWeek #28.

On the Clock! - Promotion Thumbnail

on the clock!

released 25 july 2019

On the Clock! is a game where you're late for work and you have to get there before your big meeting starts. Dodge obstacles and pickup items to help speed up and/or ease your journey.

On the Clock! was an entry for Weekly Game Jam 106.

Gameplay screenshot of Six Moves

six moves

released 30 march 2019

Six Moves is a Puzzle Game where you have to complete different levels in six moves. Each level has a different set of obstacles and objects that you have to interact with or avoid.

Six Moves was an entry for PyWeek #27 and ranked 4th Place.

Gameplay screenshot of Juicy Zesty Bitter Sweet


released 24 february 2019

juicyZESTYbitterSWEET is a game where you run a Restaurant and cast spells on your food to make it taste better, to get better reviews and make more profit.

This game was created for Alakajam! 5 in February 2019.

Gameplay screenshot of Don't Take My Stuff!

don't take my stuff!

released 3 december 2018

Don't Take my Stuff! is a game about helping a hoarder clean up his house. He has to move out in a couple of hours, but there's all this junk in his house!

You must clean up the entire house using only trash bags and a cart before the time runs out. Decide on whether to hold onto things that are sentimental to you, or to part ways with them.

Don't Take My Stuff! was a submission for Ludum Dare 43.

Promotion Thumbnail for Road Rage - a chaotic game about managing traffic

road rage

released 27 october 2018

Road Rage is a game about managing the Flow of Traffic in a city. You are a Traffic Controller and you have to switch Traffic Lights on and off as well as clear accidents to manage cars. The goal of the game is to complete certain tasks specified for each level.

This game was an entry for PyWeek 26 and tied for 4th Place

O2 Space Salvage - Promotion Thumbnail

o2 space salvage

released 12 august 2018

O2 Space Salvage is a game about running out of spaceā€¦ in Space. It is set in the far future where you have to clean up space junk in order for space freighters to deliver supplies to different parts of the galaxy.

This game was an entry for Ludum Dare 42.

Promotion Thumbnail for Parallel - Two problems, one solution


released 21 april 2018

Parallel is a minimalistic Arcade Game, split down the middle into two separate levels. Both levels are different, and you can only see one at a time. You control both players, and if either one runs into an obstacle, it's game over for both of them.

Parallel was an entry for PyWeek 25 and ranked 5th Place.

Gameplay screenshot of Rodentopia


released 21 october 2017

Rodentopia is a Platformer game about mice, which are dying of starvation inside of a kitchen pantry. To save you and your fellow mice occupants, you have to attempt to explore and take over the entire kitchen, and you'll run across some problems...

Rodentopia was an entry for PyWeek #24.

Deeper - Promotion Thumbnail


released 11 october 2016

Deeper is a 2D Sandbox Game made with Python and Pygame. It is based in an underground world where you build whatever you want, explore different layers of a mythical world, and dig Deeper underground. It began development in August 2016 and was released in October 2016.

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