Orion Dark 7

Hello! I'm OrionDark7, a teenage indie developer from the Pacific Northwest. I program in Python 2.7, and I like to build games and software. I've been programming since 2014, and I have been publishing software since 2016.



Availible for Windows & Python 2.7.x

Deeper is a 2D Sandbox Game made with Python and Pygame. It is based in an underground world where you build whatever you want, explore different layers of a mythical world, and dig Deeper underground. It began development in August 2016 and was released in October 2016. Download the most current version (Deeper 0.4) from GitHub. Availible for Python 2.7 and Windows.

Download for Python 2.7: deeper.zip (Version 0.4)
Download for Windows: DeeperForWindows- (Version
Released in October 2016


Availible for Windows & Python 2.7.x

Rodentopia is a Platformer game about mice, which are dying of starvation inside of a kitchen pantry. To save you and your fellow mice occupants, you have to attempt to explore and take over the entire kitchen, and you'll run across some problems... Rodentopia was an entry for PyWeek #24 which ran in October 2017. Rodentopia got a final score of 2.47. Download the final version (Rodentopia 1.7) from pyweek.org. Availible for Python 2.7 and Windows.

Download for Python 2.7: rodentopia-final.zip (Version 1.7)
Download for Windows: rodentopia-windows.zip (Version 1.7)
Released in October 2017


Availible for Python 2.7.x

Parallel is a top-down puzzle game where you control two characters, who are both navigating two different levels, and if one dies, so does the other. But, there's a catch, you can only see one level at a time. Parallel was an entry for PyWeek #25 which ran in April 2018. Parallel got a final score of 3.07. Download the final version (Parallel 1.0) from pyweek.org. Availible for Python 2.7.

Download for Python 2.7: parallel-py27.zip (Version 1.0)
Released in April 2018

O2 Space Salvage

Availible for Windows & Python 2.7.x

O2 Space Salvage is a game about clearing out junk in deep space. The goal of the game is to clear out a path for incoming Space Freighters before they come through. But, deadly Sentry Bots also occupy the vicinity of the path, ready to strike at any minute. You can clear out junk in 3 different ways, all have advantages, and all have disadvantages. O2 Space Salvage was created for Ludum Dare #42 which ran in August 2018. It ranked 616th out of over a thousand different entries. You can check out the original entry here and it's itch.io page here.

Download for Python 2.7: o2_source.zip
Download for Windows: o2_win.zip
Released in August 2018


Programming Languages
Python 2.7, Pygame 1.9, PyQt 4
HTML5 + CSS3, and some JS


I'm OrionDark7, the teenage indie developer nobody knows about. Which I'm okay with. I use mostly Python 2.7 for developing and PHP for web development (like this website, for example.). I've been developing software since December 2014 when I got a book on Python Programming for Christmas from my Aunt. I've been using Python ever since.

My personal life is not quite intersting, but also kind of intersting at the same time. I was born with Hyperlexia, which is the opposite of Dyslexia (of course). Hyperlexia allows you to read at a very young age. I started reading signs on the street when I was two years old. A little while later I found some Harvard Classics my Parents have and in my spare time just started reading them. I'm also very introverted. My friend group is not extremelly huge, but not small, so I think I'm okay. I'm addicted to the Windows Operating System, considering I can list each one and their Codename, and release date in order, and I have almost all of them in VirtualBox (I'm missing 4 versions.). I can remember a lot of things a '90s kid would remember, my family let me use a Computer they had (which was in fact, called a Pentium 3), which was running Windows 98. I also do have a small bit of knowledge about the 90's (e.g. Seinfeld, The Internet, The Year 2K Bug, etc..). In my spare time I don't really do much, I pretty much just ride my bike, program, or play PUBG or something like that. Like I said, my life is not very intersting.

I made my first game, Deeper, back in August of 2016. It was just a hobby just to see if I could build a cool sandbox game. I got a little more into it and started working on it some more later and released the first Alpha version (Deeper 0.1) on October 11, 2016. I started working on the second version (Deeper 0.2) which allowed you to save your data which was released on December 8, 2016. I got kind of lazy and took some time off, and then worked on it some more trying to get it to be able to save multiple data saves in a folder. That version (Deeper 0.3), was released on July 23, 2017. The final version of Deeper, version 0.4, was released on April 11, 2018. It's been my biggest project overall, but I've moved on to new projects.

Back in October I competed in PyWeek #24 as an individual competitor. In that week, I created a retro-style platformer video game about starving mice trying to take control of a kitchen, which I called Rodentopia. I got an overall score of 2.47 out of 5 and ranked 16th place. I got a lot of great feedback and I am trying to implent it into some of my other projects.

Well, I think I covered most things. I hope that was informative enough :).


  • 616th Ludum Dare #42 (August 2018 - over 1K competitors)
  • 5th PyWeek #25 (April 2018)
  • 16th PyWeek #24 (October 2017)