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welcome to my website!

Hi! My name is Orion and I love to code and make games. You can find all those games here. If you have any questions about those games, you can send me an email here. Thanks for stopping by!

featured games

Here are some games that I've made that I'm the most proud of:

Promotion Thumbnail for Road Rage - a chaotic game about managing traffic

road rage

released 27 october 2018

Road Rage is a game about managing the Flow of Traffic in a city. You are a Traffic Controller and you have to switch Traffic Lights on and off as well as clear accidents to manage cars. The goal of the game is to complete certain tasks specified for each level. The tasks have much variation from level to level.

This game was an entry for PyWeek 26 and tied for 4th Place

Promotion Thumbnail for Attack of the Goo - a fast paced game about fighting slimes!

attack of the goo

released 21 february 2021

Attack of the Goo is a tower defense game where you defend yourself from slimes with the help of mysterious forcefields.

This game was created for Brackey's Game Jam 2021.1.

Gameplay screenshot of Six Moves

six moves

released 30 march 2019

Six Moves is a Puzzle Game where you have to complete different levels in six moves. Each level has a different set of obstacles and objects that you have to interact with or avoid.

Six Moves was an entry for PyWeek #27 and ranked 4th Place.